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2018 Information about Equipment Return:

Equipment drop off for all DJFL Tackle players is on Monday, December 2 in the Darien High School Cafeteria from 7:00-9:00 pm. (Note that doors will not open until 7:00 pm). This is the ONLY date to drop off equipment. If you cannot make it, please arrange with a friend to drop it off for you. When you drop off all equipment issued, you will be given back your equipment deposit check.

Q: What equipment needs to be returned?

A:  helmets, shoulder pads, game, and practice jerseys.

NOTE: Equipment can be dropped off by anyone. It does not have to be by the player or the player's parents. If you cannot bring your player's equipment yourself, find someone else on the team to bring the equipment for you.


If you have lost something that needs to be returned, please bring your checkbook or cash to pay for the item or we will have to hold your $400 deposit check. 
  • game jerseys $55
  • practice jerseys $15
  • Shoulder pads $65
  • Helmets $165