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Dear DJFL Parent,

As a reminder, we have worked with town hall officials and have established several policies for drop-off and pickup of players which we again ask all parents to observe:

  1. When entering the field to drop-off or pickup, please come to the field in a clockwise fashion.  That is, come in north from the Renshaw Road stop sign behind the town hall auditorium the field.  Exit in the same direction.
  2. Other than dropping off, please always park your car in a designated parking spot.  Never ever park or double park anywhere in the service road which might be required for emergency personnel and may also block the flow of traffic.
  3. As the season gets darker, when waiting in the parking lot, please turn off all headlights so that we do not inconvenience any neighbors.
  4. Finally, for those walking players to and from the field, please do not use the Cherry Street/Ash Street gate after dark since this is specifically prohibited under our permit.