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Message from 2011

Dear DJFL Parent,
I wanted to update you on an important announcement from the DJFL.  Last night John Sini, whom is our committee chairman of the DJFL Lights Committee, and I made an important presentation to the P&Z Commission for this year’s application for temporary lights for the next two upcoming seasons at Town Hall.  
As you know, safety is of paramount importance to the DJFL and underlies nearly every policy we have in place from continuing to upgrade to the highest level of concussion-resistant helmets to proper techniques for tackling to insuring proper field safety.  The DJFL views its need for lighted fields for the latter part of its season as a high priority in order to insure that players and coaches are not practicing in dim or low light which creates unsafe environment for all involved.
The DJFL has had an excellent six year track record of working with town officials, school administrators, neighbors and the DJFL community to insure that the needs of the DJFL are balanced with those of the neighbors and the broader community.  I am happy to report that over six seasons, we have received numerous letters and emails commending our working relationship with all, and this was again further highlighted last night by Chairman Fred Conze whom praised the DJFL for its professionalism in the application process and the execution of the key aspects of our permit in past years.  We will continue to endeavor to follow the P&Z’s lead here as we hope that our permit is again renewed.
Part of our agreement with P&Z and the neighbors is to insure that we continue to follow the guidelines established under the permit.  Some of these are necessary to insure that we minimize our impact on the neighbors, some of these are safety issues, and some just make common sense.
This year we received only one complaint from a town hall neighbor which I wanted to pass on and make sure that all parents are aware of the seriousness of the issue which quite frankly not only affects the spirit of our permit, but is also a safety issue for our players.  Namely, it has come to our attention at town hall that many parents have been running (or rolling through) the various stop signs at the corner of Renshaw Road and Park Place.  While we of course do not condone breaking local traffic ordinances, our bigger concern (and as was expressed last night at the meeting) is that as natural light dims, many of our players that live near town hall either walk or ride home, it will be increasingly more difficult to see them, and therefore, we ask parents to be ever more vigil as they approach town hall and observe the stop signs fully.
As a reminder, we have worked with town hall officials and have established several policies for drop-off and pickup of players which we again ask all parents to observe:

  1. When entering the field to drop-off or pickup, please come to the field in a clockwise fashion.  That is, come in north from the Renshaw Road stop sign behind the town hall auditorium the field.  Exit in the same direction.
  2. Other than dropping off, please always park your car in a designated parking spot.  Never ever park or double park anywhere in the service road which might be required for emergency personnel and may also block the flow of traffic.
  3. As the season gets darker, when waiting in the parking lot, please turn off all headlights so that we do not inconvenience any neighbors.
  4. Finally, for those walking players to and from the field, please do not use the Cherry Street/Ash Street gate after dark since this is specifically prohibited under our permit.

If you find you are running late, rather than rushing to the field, text your coach and let him know you are running a couple of minutes late.  He will gladly stay with your son until you make it to the field.
Thank you for following these procedures in the future so that we can avoid any potential accidents and disruption to neighbors.
Jim Coley
DJFL President