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The overall objective of the DJFL program is to provide a positive introductory and developmental experience in the sport of football for all its participants. The ultimate goal of the program is to stimulate and develop the potential and passion of each-and-every football player in the program.

The most important goal of the program is to provide a safe and healthy environment for learning the game of football. This includes: a) developing fundamental football skills; b) fostering/modeling a genuine passion for the sport; and c) instilling character and good sportsmanship. A secondary goal is to provide a positive and inspiring experience in team sports for all participants. This includes: a) getting to know and respect other players; b) being treated with respect as a valued member of a team; and c) having an opportunity to improve as a football player and contribute to a team. A third goal of the program is to coordinate with the Darien High School football coaching staff with the primary objective being developing -- and maintaining the interest of -- as many prospective high school football players as possible. With this goal in mind, every participant in the program will be given ample opportunity to develop multiple skills and to participate in game situations.

Given that participation in the DJFL is a commitment that comes with responsibilities, each player (and his parents) must clearly understand the expectations required of him, including: attending all practices and games (or notifying the coaches well ahead of time if absence is anticipated); being on time and ready-to-go; having the proper equipment and water; maintaining a good, positive attitude and appropriate behavior; working as hard as possible to become a better football player; and, at all times, striving to represent Darien with pride.


Fair play and good sportsmanship are at the heart of the DJFL experience. In this connection, ALL members of the DJFL community (players, coaches and parents) are expected to conduct themselves at all times in a respectful and dignified manner. The DJFL Board will enforce this standard vigorously.

The DJFL Board is committed to the above principles -- and to living by them -- and therefore welcomes constructive input from all members of the DJFL community.