Welcome to DJFL Flag Football

Your team roster has been set up on the DJFL website. Use the three drop down boxes under the TEAM tab to find your team pages. You have been assigned as a coach or assistant coach. If you need directions for logging into the site to email your team, please visit the HOW TO pages on the website (left menu from the Home page). Please review your roster for accuracy and let me know if there are any mistakes.

It is suggested that you send out a welcome message to to your team at this time and that you post that message as a "Bulletin" on your team page for those who for whatever reason miss their emails. Directions for doing this are also in the HOW TO pages.

The email address where this email has been sent is the email address in your website profile for all system generated correspondence. Directions are in the HOW TO pages if you want your emails sent to a different address. Just remember that no other adult in the system can have the same emails address as you have. Let me know if you have any trouble logging into the admin features of the site.

All Flag coaches are required to complete a background check and to register on the DJFL website as a coach. Please follow the directions here:

1. Complete your Background Check here: https://darien-junior-football-league.sportngin.com/register/form/433652928

2.  Register on the DJFL website

Here is the link to register as a coach and to enter all your certification information on the DJFL website. NOTE: For Flag coaches, only the Background Check and the DJFL registration are required. You do not need First Aid, CPR, etc.


Good luck,

Bob Patton and Vicki Patton