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In Modified Travel Flag Football, players will wear full equipment and are taught basic and advanced football skills.  Players are taught proper blocking techniques, ball handling and other football skills.  Tackling is not allowed and like in traditional flag football, flags are used to down ball carriers.  This approach will allow new players to focus on developing proper football skills and techniques and slowly develop a safe understanding of the game of football as they move through DJFL.  3rd-grade Modified Travel Flag will be offered as opposed to traditional tackle football exclusively for 3rd grade.  This will not affect our traditional flag offering in 3rd grade.  As this is a travel program, DJFL will play other towns in the FCFL.  Please send any inquiries to DarienJFL@gmail.com.

Third-grade players have the option of playing either 3rd-grade flag or 3rd-grade modified travel flag. They cannot participate in both.


Modified Travel Flag FAQ


What is modified flag football?

Modified flag football is flag football with the additional safety and fun of wearing football pads.  Players wear full tackle equipment (helmet, shoulder pads and football pants).  The goal is to teach proper blocking techniques, ball handling and other football skills. Players also wear flag football belts around their waist and players pull flags off to make a “tackle.”


Why do players wear full equipment (pads) if there is no tackling?

This is not a league without contact. Tackling is not allowed; however, during the flag-pulling process players can and do hit the ground. The equipment is required for player safety.  There is also an added benefit of players getting used to playing with full pads.


What is the start date and time commitment for modified flag?

Preseason begins August 14, 2023.  In-season teams will practice three times a week and have one game on the weekend.


Will the DJFL modified flag team play other towns?

Yes, the Fairfield County Football League (FCFL) is planning to offer modified flag for inter-town play at the third-grade level.


Will modified flag be offered for all grade levels?

Currently, modified flag football is only available for third and fourth grades in the FCFL


Who can I contact with additional questions or if I want to get involved?

Please email DarienJFL@gmail.com with additional questions or to volunteer.


Direct Link to Online Registration for Modified Travel Flag: http://assn.la/Reg/?r=4:181128