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The following are 2019 Coaches with their First Aid/CPR requirement status. Those whose expiration date is blank will need to get certified.

Please enter the expiration date that is next to your name into the appropriate spot on the Coach Registration.


LN FN Expiration Date Email 
Adams Ben   benadams@gmail.com
Bamundo Paul   pbamundo@yahoo.com
Benedict Eric   56ericb@gmail.com
Bortel Todd 7/30/20 todd.bortel@seuratgroup.com
Briggs Dave 5/13/21 davebriggs76@gmail.com
Brown Brett 4/25/20 Brown27@me.com
Brown Christian 5/13/21 cbrown@artoriusmanagement.com
Calabro John   jcalabro@bloomberg.net
Carper Keith 5/13/21 keith.carper@gmail.com
Cavoli Steve   stephen.cavoli@yahoo.com
Cesare Joseph 5/13/21 jcesare@me.com
Cole Matt 5/13/21 mattcole58@gmail.com
deGraaf Jeff 4/25/20 jdegraaf@renmac.com
Faugno Joseph 4/25/20 joefaugno@gmail.com
Felt Kenneth 5/13/21 kenfelt@msn.com
Franzese Dan 5/13/21 dan@franzese.net
Gately Patrick 4/24/20 pgately@weedenco.com
Grant Andy 7/24/20 Ac-grant@hotmail.com
Hanley Jay 4/24/20 Jphanley22@yahoo.com
Hantman Aaron 4/24/20 AH@tourmalinellc.com
Hapgood Scott 4/25/20 gshapgood@gmail.com; scott.hapgood@ubs.com
Harwick Chris 5/13/21 darienjfl@gmail.com
Herget Todd 4/25/20 todd.herget@columbiamanagement.com
Hopkins Kristopher 6/19/20 kristopher.hopkins@gmail.com
Karczewski Ray 8/6/20 rkarczewski@coxreps.com
Karl Christopher 5/13/21 chriskarl@gmail.com


Steven 4/25/20 lopi777@gmail.com
Macdonald Rob 8/9/20 rmacdonald@gmail.com
Marisca Michael 5/13/21 mmarisca29@yahoo.com
McGuckin Carter 5/13/21 cmcguckin@randinsurance.com
Mesta Berk 8/13/20 mesta@yahoo.com
Mullane Kevin 5/13/21 kevin.mullane@us.mizuho-sc.com
Patton Bob 4/25/20 rhpatton@optonline.net
Peeke Gregory 4/25/20 gpeeke@skrimshaw.com
Peters Eric (Charles) 8/14/20 eric.peters@oneriveram.com
Pettit James 7/29/20 jamesp.pettit@gmail.com
Roche Kevin 4/24/20 kroche@orrick.com
Slotkin Daniel 8/16/20 dslotnyc@gmail.com
Spellman Patrick 4/25/20 patrickspellman@hotmail.com
Stafford Jeremiah 8/10/20 jstafford@jbscap.com
Thom Douglas expired douglas.m.thom@gmail.com
Thurlow Michael 6/13/20 miket@weedenco.com
Tucker Brett 5/13/21 btucker@kingstreet.com; btucker43@gmail.com
Walsh Devon 5/13/21 devon_wlsh@yahoo.com
Waters Artie 4/25/20 h2os6@hotmail.com
Welch Timothy 4/24/20 Tmwelch12@gmail.com
Wilson Doug 7/3/21 douglass.w.wilson@gmail.com
Wurm Will 5/13/21 wwurm@bh-adv.com
Not on Original Coach List - Added      
Brady Bill 5/13/21
Hall Clint 5/13/21 chall@wealthcontinuumgrp.com
Hasan Jamil 5/13/21
Von Kennel Andy 6/14/20

LeVine, Chris FA and CPR good to 4/24/20